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2023 Pinot Noir

2023 Pinot Noir


This wine's predecessor took out a rather huge accolade, winning 'Best Pinot Noir' at the 2023 Australian Pinot Noir Challenge. It then sold out in record time and we haven't had any pinot to share with you for the past 5 months! But never fear, our new pinot is officially here - say hello to the pinnacle red wine from our vineyard, the 2023 Meadowbank Pinot Noir

Think flavour, finesse and even more flavour! This wine has everything you could want from a pinot. It's smooth, silky and elegant on the palate, with a mouth-watering hit of freshness that makes you thirsty for more. The vibrant strawberry and cherry aromas erupt from the glass, as the complex layers of flavour continue to reveal themselves long after the first sip. All of this is beautifully balanced with an earthy minerality that speaks volumes about the cold and slightly wild conditions that sweep through our hidden valley. 

Of course there is a lot to love about Tasmanian Pinot Noir, with our soils and climate so strongly suited to growing this delicious red grape variety. Gerald Ellis first planted Pinot Noir at Meadowbank in 1987 and our wine is still produced from these vines today. We hand-pick the grapes in three separate instalments, over a two week harvest period. Gerald and daughter Mardi, alongside our winemaker Peter Dredge, base their picking decisions predominantly on taste of the grapes alone, as they look for different stages of peak ripening, which later express as unique flavour characteristics come winemaking time.

In the winery, Pete allows each individual parcel of fruit to ferment on skins for two weeks, before the delicious red juice is pressed off and placed into seasoned French oak barrels (just 10% new oak). These barrels are put to bed for 9 months, before they are carefully blended to create the final masterpiece that now awaits you in bottle.

We are confident in assuring you this wine will deliver and still has potential to get even better while hanging out in your cellar. It’s the bottle you’ll be reaching for to take to your next dinner party and impress your friends, or the bottle you’ll incidentally consume in its entirety at home because it’s impossible to stop yourself at just one glass.

Food wise, this wine is super versatile. Tastes great alongside cheese, red meat, slow cooked stews or anything made from mushrooms. For us, we're all about pairing this with venison. Pinot reminds us of time spent with our cousins up in the Tassie highlands, eating ‘just-seared’ venison backstrap with potatoes, jerusaleum artichokes, and of course healthy glasses of Pinot.


95 POINTS - "Complex aromas of cherry, dried herbs, spice, sap, underbrush, earth and bramble. There’s plenty of fleshy blue and red fruits here, along with some bunchy funk and lift. The fruit is vibrant, textured and layered and there’s lovely, firm, shapely tannins and snappy acidity." Aaron Brasher (The Real Review)

95 POINTS - "I’m thinking 2023 was a very good year for Tasmanian Pinot Noir. It fairly pops with red cherry and ripe strawberry, there’s also some spice, dried flowers and something a little bit earthy, like brown mushrooms, with a just a hint of smoky reduction. It’s juicy and succulent, with cool balanced acidity, and if you swish it around in your mouth, there’s fine emery board tannin that feels very nice, along with a pleasantly sappy edge. The finish is long, spicy and sweetly fruited. It’s lovely now, though likely better again with a couple more years under its belt." Gary Walsh (The Wine Front)


Overall Winner - Best Pinot Noir - 2023 Australian Pinot Noir Challenge

*Note: for those wondering, all our wines are vegan friendly.

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